Frequency Generator

Frequency Generator is a application which allows you to generate frequencies between 0.01 Hz and 23999.99 Hz.
Also, Frequency Generator analyzes the real time input in the Oscilloscope mode and record the generated tones into a wave file.

Here are some key features of "Frequency Generator"

  • Efects like Peak and Splitt
  • Oscilloscope kinds like Con. Lines, Dots, Mir Lines, Spikes, Vert. Lines
  • Analyse the real time input in the Oscilloscope
  • Now you can record the generated Tones into a Wavefile
  • Level Meter calibrated to 1/100 of a dB
  • 1 Carrier and 2 Modulators in AM/FM/PM
  • Evaluate Sine, Square, Triangle, Sawtooth Positive or Negative, and Pink Noise
  • Displays of Amp/Frequency for Comparison of Signal Analysis
  • Wavefile Recording Capabilites to store and re-evaluate data.
  • Save all settings into a Project file
  • Trigger Level and Mode range from +40 to -40
  • Mode Up Flank or Down Flank
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