What is PAS ?

PAS is Programmable Analysis Software

PAS Products has developed audio measuring software in what is a culmination of fifteen years of involvement working in both the stage and studio environments as well as excelling in the field of technical recording measurements. We are a team of experienced programmers and electronics engineers, who are not always so much concerned with the 'Studio Audio' word, as we are with the measurement techniques necessary to perfect the engineering process.

PAS Products has designed program modifications for industry, companies, and acclaimed scientific institutions. Any personalized requests with respect to modifications of Spectrum Analyzer Professional and the Analysis Center are more than welcome. Just ask for a modification of these programs.

PAS Products is also looking for a professional distributor worldwide or in limited localized areas. We also are interested in working together with other programming companies on network projects. PAS is always interested in hearing from customers to make sure that our software is continually evolving to meet the needs of our clients and customers alike.

Contact Us:
Frank Dunkel
Mathildenstr. 61-63
50679 Köln
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